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Shotwell Faces Tool: Weekly Report 09, 10 & 11


[ NOTE: Spanish translation in ]

This last three weeks have been memorable, of course because having gone to GUADEC [1] —yes, nothing surprising at this time, everyone who have been at GUADEC are saying the same ;)

GUADEC has been a really good experience, not only for the talks but also for the interesting people we[a] have met —and we have actually met less people than others, and that's because staying at home[b] and being not really confidence about my spoken English. But I'm not writing this in a sad tone, of course, we've met nice people —maybe the best part was meeting my mentor, Lucas Beeler [2], in the main hacking space in the lobby of the faculty to talk about next weeks milestones to became this GSoC project a success, and ending talking about San Francisto, USA universities, etc.

I've also participated in the lightning talks with the other GNOME outreach program students talking about my project, and that was a really good way of having my first talk[c] —OK, only 2-3 minutes, but it's something. Thanks again[d] to Marina Zhurakhinskaya for convincing me. Also, after the talk, a couple of Igalia [3] guys have come to me to give me some tips about a potential third part of my project that I had mentioned in that talk —really nice guys, thanks for sharing (:

And well, going back to this series of reports main subject: I also have been working in the next stage of the project, fixing some bugs that had been reported last year. In the next weeks I'm going to start the integration of face detection and recognition programs into Shotwell —the harder stages but actually the tangible goal of the whole project.

[a] The we instead of I is because I went to GUADEC with my really motivated friend Santi.

[b] This year's GUADEC has been in the faculty of computer science at A Coruña, where I've been studying three years before moving to Santiago de Compostela.

[c] I haven't done anything similar even in Spanish —I'm waiting for the video to really see if I did it in a decent way ;)

[d] I've briefly met her in person (:




Tags: [en], Planet GNOME, Google Summer of Code, Shotwell, GUADEC

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