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Sponsored by GNOME Foundation

From July 31th to August 5th I've been at Brno, Czech Republic, attending GUADEC 2013. This was a great experience where I've met some great FOSS-related people —from developers to translators, designers, etc.

So let me summarize the trip.

GNOME banner at Faculty of Information Technologies

The conferences

The main purpose of the GUADEC, of course. I've attended lots of conferences covering a broad variety of areas including news in the GNOME stack technologies, Wayland, Clang and Webkit. If I should choose two of those conferences they would be:

  • Rich custom user interfaces with Glade and CSS: With web development as my main area of knowledge, the support for CSS in GTK+ is something really interesting to me. More over, the Glade-created presentation that Juan Pablo Ugarte made for us was awesome —real feeling of awesomeness when he told us that the presentation we were looking at was in fact an stand-alone GTK+ program created with Glade running fullscreen. Great.
  • Sandboxed applications for GNOME: Lots of things that would achieve an incredible step forward in the GNOME desktop, applying some concepts that we can already see in the mobile desktop —for example the one about having applications that acts as service providers, like when you need to upload some photo to Instagram and the phone offers you to choose your photo browser application, your camera, or another application that offers the service photo provider.

Dinner sponsored by Red Hat and Igalia

The people

Even spending most of the time between Spanish speakers, GUADEC was a multicultural experience to enjoy. I had some beers with a couple of nice Netherlander translators and Marcos Chavarría, speaking mainly about trappist beer ;)

We attended social events like the awesome dinner at Klub Flèda sponsored by Igalia and RedHat, the one at Starobrno Brewery sponsored by Mozilla, another dinner mainly with Spanish people... yes, we like to have dinner (:

Views from Líšeň Castle, Brno

The city

Brno is a beautiful city. I have not been in Czech Republic before, and although the first feeling about Brno was that it is a boring place, it took little time to change my mind about it. There are cool places there, and it is bigger than it may seem in the first place —I realized that when Marcos, Carlos Soriano and I went to Líšeň Castle, from where you can see how big the city is.

Great food while at a street concert in Brno

We even went to a concert in some nice park by chance when visiting the city center.

The Foundation

Attending GUADEC has been possible to me thanks to being sponsored by The GNOME Foundation, so I want to openly thank them. Thanks people!! I'll love to attend GUADEC again next year to listen all the GNOME-related new stuff and see again the lovely people I met.

Tags: [en], GNOME, Brno, Google Summer of Code, GUADEC

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